The best honey in Finland 2020 – competition instructions

    The best honey in Finland 2020 -competition

    Saturday 14th November 2020, Kuopio, Finland

    The annual honey harvest festival will be arranged in Kuopio on Saturday 14th November. You can find the detailed program here and in Mehiläinen 5/2020. During the festival, the best honey in Finland 2020 will be elected.

    How to participate?

    Send or bring a 500 gram sample of honey in a glass jar to the office of Finnish Beekeepers' Association's office in Helsinki. This year one jar of each honey participating in the competition is enough. The jar should be fully transparent, round in shape and its height should be 10 cm. You can buy such jars in beekeeping equipment stores.

    The competition has three categories: 1) crystallized, 2) liquid and 3) unifloral/regional honey.  Please indicate the preferred category when handing in or sending your samples, but do not write any information or place any stickers on the jar.

    The jury will send you a written evaluation of your honey after the event and, using random sampling, we will carry out laboratory analyses of some participating samples. The value of these analyses varies between 70–100 euros. Furthermore, a press release covering the competition results will be published and sent to both national and local media after the event.

    Samples participating in the contest must be at our office on 6th November the latest. The address is:
    Suomen Mehiläishoitajain Liitto
    Ullanlinnankatu 1 A 3
    00130 Helsinki

    The participation cost is 20 euros/sample and it should be paid to the Finnish Beekeepers´ Association's account FI69 5721 5020 0014 55. The payment must be on the account by 6th November.

    Who can participate?

    Each participant should be a member of the Finnish Beekeepers' Association and should have paid the complete membership fee.

    The honey must be from summer 2020. Honey structure should not be improved by heating. Anyone breaking these rules will be banned from the competition.

    More information: Virpi Aaltonen, e-mail:, tel. 010 387 4770 or 050 382 2428