Introduction to Beekeeping in Finland (Espoo)

Aika: 29.9.2020-28.6.2021
Paikka: Keilaniemi, Espoo

Introduction to Beekeeping in Finland, 2020 Autumn - 2021

The course is organised by ‘Stadin Tarhaajat ja Hunajafrendit’, which is the local organisation of the Finnish Beekeepers' Association (SML ry) in Helsinki Metropolitan Area.  SML supports the course by giving access to the Finnish Basic Course material.

The course consists of five separate theory modules (2 hours each) and five visits to beehives.

The lectures are given by Maaret Virtanen, beekeeper and owner of PROMESI, a small company focusing mainly on services and products of beekeeping.

Maaret Virtanen is a registered instructor of the Finnish Beekeepers' Association SML ry.

The course will be held at Keilaniemi, Espoo. The exact address will be given to registered participants.


The Theory Modules take place at 15-17 o’clock on the following dates

29.9.2020  Module 1 (15-17 o'clock)

27.10.2020 Module 2

24.11.2020 Module 3

Hive visit 1 in December (Oxalic Acid Treatment)

26.1.2021 Module 4

23.2.2021 ? Module 5

30.3.2021 Hive Visit Check

April - Hive Visits

May - Hive Visits

June - Hive Visits


Hive visit dates will be agreed on during the course.

The attendance fee is 75 €/person.The course is given mainly in English.

Book yourself into the course by email at latest on 22nd of September, 2020!

The minimum amount of attendees is 5 and maximum 10.

Maaret Virtanen, tel. +358414441049;