Introduction to Beekeeping in Finland (Helsinki)

Aika: 31.1.-25.4.2017
Paikka: Mechelininkatu 36, Helsinki

The course is organised by ‘Stadin Tarhaajat ja Hunajafrendit’ which is the local Organisation of the Finnish Beekeeping association (SML ry)  and is functioning at Paulig Villa, Helsinki (Mechelininkatu 36).

The lectures are given in English by Maaret Virtanen, beekeeper and owner of PROMESI.


Place: Paulig Villa Helsinki (Mechelininkatu 36) ‘’.

The course consists of separate two hour sessions and visits to beehives.


Planned dates of the four course modules:

31.1.2017 at 18-20 o’clock

28.2.2017 at 18-20 o’clock

28.3.2017 at 18-20 o’clock

25.4.2017 at 18-20 o’clock

There will also be some visits to the beehives during summer.


Book yourself into the course by email at latest on 15th of January, 2017!



Maaret Virtanen

tel 0414441049